Underfloor Heating integration in HomeKit

Why should I use HomeKit for the underfloor heating system?

This possibility is a cost-efficient solution of a not working wireless sensor of the underfloor heating. In out bedroom has this sensor been broken and the repair would have cost around 250 €. This was to much! That is why I started a research in the internet. The solution was very simple. The only thing I had to do was to replace the wireless sensor with a WiFi Relay. The heat steering unit works with 230 V to open the valve.

Most of the thermostat solutions (e.g.  …) are not made for distribution boxes of underfloor heating systems. They have a thermometer with integrated valve in one unit and that is not practical for this scenario due to the fact, that the temperature in the distribution box is not the room temperature! That is why I favour the solution with a WiFi switch!

The following components are needed for a convenient solution:

  • FIBARO Switch für Home Kit
  • Elgato Eve Degree  oder
  • Elgato Eve Room

I replaced the wireless sensor with a Fibaro Single Switch for HomeKit. The manual describes the installation in detail, but is is better to instruct a electrician.

The little switch is really worth to by! It is possible to install it everywhere! I have integrated 2 in my lights to make them smart and to integrate them into HomeKit! These Fibaro Single Switches for HomeKit are a recommendation!

When the Switch is installed, it is easily integrated in HomeKit and it is possible the switch the relay. It is not needed to regulate the temperature of the bedroom the hole day. Only 1 h before waking up, the relay has to open the heat flow. This can be automated in the 3. tab of the Home-App.

Comfort with Elgato Eve

If you need a comfortable solutions, you can integrate Elgato Eve to have a constant temperature. I use the Elgato Eve Degree for that. I think the measurement of temperature, humidity and pressure is sufficient for the control of a underfloor heating. The life span of the battery is one year! The delivered software is usable for scenes to realise a constant temperature.

With that software it is possible to switch the Fibaro Single Switch for HomeKit dependent of temperature and time! I tested this with success! As a small test, I used a WiFi outlet to turn on/off a light. If the heating is switched on, the small light switched on as well.

If someone will measure the air quality as well, you can choose Eve Room. This small device can do it based on the VOC.

The following switching is implemented with the Eve App:

The heating is switched on at 6:00 AM and the heating is on till the temperature is 20°C. At 9:00 PM the heating is switched on for 1 h. This minimum switching of the heating is sufficient for the bed room.

Some Pics of the installed Components

Installed Single Switch, followed by the ventil and the und dem flowmeter:

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