DHCP Server on a Synology Diskstation

The DHCP Service in my home network is located on my Synology Diskstation. It works very stable and with a good performance! All Clients get a IP address when they join my network. Later on, this clients get a static IP address. So it is easier to locate the devices and scripts / Apps do not need to be updated due to changing IP addresses.

Configuration of the Synology DiskStation

Go in the Control Panel and klick on DHCP-Server.

Select the LAN definition and klick on “Enable DHCP server”, then “Edit”.

The “Primary DNS” is in general you router or gateway. In my case it is a “pi-hole” as an add-blocker. Select the Checkbox “Enable DHCP server”.

Then klick on “Add” and define the “DHCP Subnet”. I have defined it like that:

The IP addresses start with 100, my Gateway has the address 2 and the Netmask is . Then klick “OK” and finish the definition.

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